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Why should you get involved with the Sac-Joaquin Section?

Let’s break it down by the numbers:

  • 2nd largest Section in California
  • 26 Leagues
  • 198 Member Schools
  • Reaching more than 250,000 students
  • Directly influencing 130,000 student-athletes and their families
  • Awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships to student-athletes
  • Cover more than 14,500 square miles of California

Why is it important to get involved with high school sports and student-athletes?  If the overall well-being of our youth is a directive of your organization, consider this:

  • Students of all ages who participate in sports have been found to cope better with competition in other areas of their life (Yan & McCullagh, 2004).
  • A 2007 study shows that participating in high school team sports increased a young woman’s chances of graduating from college by 41%.
  • It is much less likely for a teenager who is involved in sports to become overweight or be inactive in other areas of his/her life.
  • Having a strong social network helps teens to become more involved in their academic careers as well as lead to a much lower likelihood of dropouts coming from students who participate in sports.
  • Children who are actively involved in a sport are more likely to describe themselves as being in good physical health than students who do not participate in sports (Piko & Keresztes, 2006).
  • The interaction a child has with her or her coach helps to improve self-esteem as well as lower the chance of depression (Harrison & Naraya, 2003).


“The true ability to live-stream web video is just a couple years old.  But it’s a viable platform.  Within the next 10 years – and that is a legitimate timeline, in my opinion – every single high school sporting event will be produced and distributed in some capacity.  It’s an inevitability.”

–David Rudolph, CEO of NFHS Network

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For more information on Sac-Joaquin Section sponsorships, please contact Mike Garrison, SJS Commissioner, at (209) 334-5900 or mgarrison@cifsjs.org.